We’re always on the lookout for something different, something to beef up a client proposal and stand out from the crowd, and we think we’ve found it.

We have worked closely with billboards.im (formerly Carrera Digital) for a few months and have been impressed with the enthusiasm and interest they have with every individual advertiser.

Recently a famous green-branded coffee shop opened its doors opposite the most prominent of billboard’s screens, and boy do you see it… We tested out an advert and within hours had people mentioning it to us and visiting our website.

We also ran a competition in conjunction with the launch of the new brand in partnership with The Hooded Ram, who are offering someone the chance to win a WHEELBARROW full of their artisan beers!

All in all, the portrait screen will stick out and get your message across, and the 2 other screens located in the M&S multi-story car park are excellent too! One positioned directly out of the elevator, and the other on the first floor.

Not everybody is ready for digital advertising, and we understand that, so in conjunction with billboards.im are offering you an unmissable deal!

*Offer rate of 20% off standard 12-month contracts. Limited availability.