Digital Advertising on the Isle of Man is still much of a taboo, when I say taboo, I mean that nobody is really talking about it, but it’s starting to appear around the Island, from the moment you land at the airport, enter the sea terminal, you’ll be greeted with a digital screen. The question lies in how people react to the screens, and I’ve done a little bit of analysis on the subject particularly around the screen outside Starbucks on Victoria Street.

Proof in the pudding

People love live content and news. 3FM broadcast their live news on the billboards across town run by, and it really works… When you walk down the street, it catches your eye, and is an easy way of glancing at the headlines whilst carrying on with your day.

In a recent trip to the North West, I noticed an abundance of digital screens, from Liverpool One’s concourse, to Manchester PrintWorks, Manchester street walk information points, above bridges, along motorways and more, the revolution has certainly taken traction in the UK, and I believe the Isle of Man won’t be far behind.

The biggest issue I see with Digital Advertising, (without this being a sales pitch) is people not having enough digital content ready for this medium, and often using custom sizes it really does need to be a purpose-built advert for the screen you advertise on. Many screens combat this by just using a HD TV, but whilst this is great often for indoor advertising, the screens are not built for well-illuminated digital advertising, and are often not designed to be switched on for more than a few hours a day in a standard home.

Perfect! (most of the time)

Using bright LED screens is certainly the way forward, or screens that have been designed for LCD or LED advertising because it ensures that the quality of the advert, and the clarity of the ad is consistent.

UK Examples

Whilst I was away I took some photos of some multi-format digital advertising that I stumbled upon;

Types of Billboards

In summary, we think that the Isle of Man needs to embrace digital, explore new marketing channels, and prepare their brands for the next revolution in the marketing industry.