To us, branding is everything, and we think it should be at the forefront of any business big or small.

There is more to a brand than just having an attractive logo. Your branding needs to run consistently across your entire business. From the website to your social media profiles, it’s going to be how your customers perceive and recognise you. Below are 7 reasons why branding is important for your business.

1. Competition

Having a strong brand will ultimately set you apart from the competition. The goal is to be able to sell your brand to the public which will help to build trust and credibility. It’s vital your company message and USPs are tied into your brand and that it runs consistently through your website marketing.

2. Product expansion

Having a quality brand means you can introduce or release new products and services to your customers. A strong brand creates a path for growing your business and generating profits. Dyson sell vacuum cleaners very well, and because people trust their brand it makes releasing additional products such as fans and hand dryers that much easier.

3. Creating trust

Building trust in your brand will come from customer satisfaction. If the product or service you’re selling is reputable then chances are people will come back. Trust isn’t something which can be gained overnight, it has to be nurtured and crafted from the ground up. Having a strong marketing strategy that works in partnership with your brand, will make building trust a more efficient exercise.

4. Recognition

When people recognise a brand they love it means they will choose it above the competition, as long as there are positive associations made with it. The look and feel of the brand from the colours to the logo all need to be consistent and all share the same message. In doing so it promotes confidence and a strong representation in the market place. This in turn will help to deliver sales and grow profits.

5. Colour choice

Colour plays a huge role in the creation of your brand, and it holds great value. It’s a visual perception which can be linked to emotion, and specific types of colour will be what people will associate with your business. When it comes to choosing colours make sure it defines the brand as well as creating the right awareness. It should be a serious strategic decision and not one made on a whim.

6. Business referrals

Having a winning brand will make existing customers refer you to others. Word of mouth is probably one of the most effective and cheapest forms of marketing there is. If your brand makes a positive impact then your customers will take that experience away with them and more often than not will share it with others. Of course focussing on referrals comes from market research and listening to what your customers have to say.

7. Loyalty

Your brand should promote customer loyalty. If they have a good experience then chances are they will remember your logo as opposed to the product or service you offer. Loyalty goes hand in hand with trust and you want your customers to be attached to your brand via an emotional connection.

If you’re thinking of rebranding your business or perhaps just having a think about the way you market your company, why not speak to the experts at Vision Marketing. We have a range of services that would be the perfect fit for your marketing strategy.