SaaS & ‘Cloud’

I often get asked questions, or overhear jokes that don’t quite resonate in my youthful mind. ‘Turn it up to 11’ to name one of a few…

The same goes for technology, yes! It works both ways suckers! I can magic some creativity out of cloud based software and could probably create an animation or video whilst you’re still researching ‘cloud’ in the dictionary… 🙂 *insert smug face*

That brings me to a topic I’ve pondered on for quite some time, some of you will have seen it referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cloud Based software, and it’s really quite an interesting concept.

Hmm, SaaSsy

SaaS can mean quite a few things, it’s the term used for software that is ‘leased’ or ‘rented’ as opposed to bought and owned on a disc.


Who exactly owns cloud software? Well, in a sense it is 9/10 times based on a server in a data centre and will be owned by the server admin. Gone are the days of the 16 pack of Floppy disks to install Microsoft Word! Office 365 and other cloud based software packages are here to stay!

Instead of buying a piece of cardboard with ‘install disks’ we now log in to a portal, pay a fee or a recurring monthly charge (such as that of Netflix, Apple Music etc.) and receive access to software. Stop paying, Software vanishes! – That said, the benefit of cloud software and SaaS is that when the software is updated, and a new version is released, you will have instant access to it.


Remember the ‘nursing’ of a software install, some might even go as far as having a technician install software on their machines, now it’s usually a web browser followed by a username/password combination (if you can remember them all!)



Many SaaS require high internet speeds, which can be a pitfall, but most graphic intensive software packages will have a ‘desktop’ version which will then sync at regular intervals with a master server somewhere else.


Whaaaat? Basically what we’re getting at is the ability to just ‘leave’ your desk and pick up that same document when you get on the bus, or when you get home, different ‘clients’ accessing the same core document or database. This in our opinion has been the key in working from home for most large companies. No longer do you have to carry the dreaded RSA Token ID Key Fob.’



We use cloud based ‘Office 365’, Microsoft’s latest version of their Office software, to collaborate and send/receive email/manage data.

We use Basecamp, a ridiculously easy piece of software for displaying/sending/receiving files to clients for proofing.

Another category of SaaS is Crowdfunding and Event Management, which we’ve used for clients in the past, and it is AWESOME, but we’ll leave that for another blog…

For more information on cloud software, and Software as a Service, get in touch today!