So, today I woke up and fancied a coffee, rather than chancing my luck, I logged on to my phone, found the Starbucks Facebook page, and checked their opening times, I also saw what drinks they had on special, it’s traits like this that make me one brand as opposed to another.

It doesn’t stop there, my TOMS had been getting a little scuffed and messy, so I decided to pop along to Esquires, but I checked their opening times first on my iPhone using their Facebook page, I saw I had 25 mins to get in before they closed, and BOOM! New TOMS are now on my feet.

This may just be me, but I can guarantee that millennials think the same, it’s SO important to follow the trends and the behaviours of the consumer.

Get up to speed, keep your Facebook page up to date and follow these simple tips to a successful social marketing experience.

Don’t Overdo It.

Sometimes less really is more… but if you’re not able to stay on top of the social media channels, then this can really have the complete opposite effect on your business making it look dormant or even closed to passing users.

Update Your Info.

Keep your address, Opening Hours, Price Range, Menu’s and any other applicable information up to date to make sure people can find you and see how far away you are or how long it’ll take them to find you.

The Missing Link.

PLEASE make sure you link to your website on your posts, and also have your website in your page description, it’s such an easy way to GUARANTEE traffic back to your website.

Make It Work For You.

There’s no point in social media marketing when you get no results, you need to set out some goals, perhaps a simple goal can be to raise sales of ‘frozen drinks’.

Post about some ‘Frappuccinos’ and BANG, you see a spike, and you can see and tell why this happened, SMM can really effect and improve your bottom line!

Keep It Fresh!

Keep on top of it, post about interesting topics, perhaps make some jokes about recent events you’ve perhaps seen in the news or online? People love content and specifically stuff they can relate to.

Ask For Help

Of course, you think this is a sales message, but it’s not. A poorly managed social media page can have a detrimental effect on your business. Ask people for their opinion, get some feedback and go for it! (or drop me a line)

Follow these steps, and I promise you’ll have a great start or continued success with your social media strategy.