Living in 2016 in a tech-promoted Island, you’d expect to be able to use your mobile device to pay for things, however, this rather frequently isn’t the case and cash is, unfortunately, a required accessory.

Want Want Want

Is it too much, and are we becoming a demanding society to expect that even the smallest of businesses should bow down to our plethora of payment types and methods, or is it required of even the smallest sole traders to accept AMEX, ApplePay, Android Pay and Loyalty card systems…

Everybody’s doing it

Chains like Costa, Starbucks, and M&S use their own loyalty and rewards systems, but what is there out there for the smaller guys without the warehouses of ‘Big Data’ and IT infrastructure? Well there are platforms available to keep in contact with your customers and keep them interested in your latest and upcoming product ranges, but it falls back to the question, do the smaller businesses need to do this?

Our suggestion would be YES, it gives you the ‘edge’ by using customer data effectively you can really ‘woo’ a customer into purchasing or visiting again.

First Hand

I stayed in a hotel where they asked me at the point of booking what my favourite drink and snack was, and I said ‘Dr Pepper and Cadbury’s Chocolate’ and lo-behold there it was, a gleaming mini fridge of COMPLIMENTARY Dr Pepper and  Cadbury’s Chocolate upon my arrival. (considering this was in the US, I was very impressed)


We’ve seen it done well by local businesses, and believe there is a hunger from all generations of customers from ‘Generation Z’ to ‘Generation A’ everybody loves the satisfaction of using a coupon or reward points, and the use of technology and cashless payments has taken away the awkwardness of asking to use a coupon!

Cash seems to be a necessity however when you leave Douglas. However silly this may sound, most local businesses in the villages and certainly outside Douglas seem to still have minimum spends on card machines if they have them at all.

On the flip side, I did buy some fudge from a street vendor who used a PayPal Here machine which surprised and pleased me immensely.

So don’t forget, for now, keep that £20 note on you! You never know when you’re going to need it!

For more information on propelling your business into cashless, contactless payments or loyalty systems, get in touch!