We are firm believers and indeed promotors of using social media to speak to not only your existing customer base, but a whole new spectrum of customers.

The issue with many businesses is that they often spread resource too thin, and expect the role of ‘social media’ to be picked up often by the MD, or the ‘accounts person’.

Social Media is a minefield, when navigated carefully you get to the other side where awaiting your arrival is a big sweet sticky Chelsea bun. But take a step in the wrong direction and ka’boom! Up goes your reputation and indeed lost custom.

Simple rules of social media

Always on service

Social media doesn’t sleep, nor does it turn off at 5PM like many of us wish it would… in fact, the most active time on social media is in fact the evenings and the non-sleeping generation of millennials.

If someone does message you at 2AM, we’re not suggesting you answer the query immediately, but why not set auto-responders on both social channels and emails out of hours to set expectations? And if you do share the social media administration tasks between the team, use a general auto-responder to tell the customer ‘someone’ will respond to their query within a working day.

Honestly, if you can’t answer someone in a working day, you should avoid being on social media, in fact, you should really look at resources and plan to expand your workforce!

Posting great and current content

Well, social media is a two way street… you have to keep those followers engaged, or they’ll simply grow stale and get bored!

Your social media pages are almost like an old fashioned newsletter or magazine, if the content is cr*p, people won’t buy it, and in turn won’t see the ads, or the cross promotion, and eventually will no longer be customers.

Taking a deep breath

Yes, it’s a blood bath. We used to be involved with a telecommunications company’s social media page, and boy, people don’t hold back.

Put on your thick skin, grit your teeth, and don’t steep to the levels of your worst nightmare customers. They’re shouting at the company and their experience, not you :).

Resolve offline

When things turn nasty, it’s best to take them offline if you can’t resolve them without having an argument. Send the customer a private message and see what middle ground you can find. Avoid the damage publicly ‘damage limitation’ a wonderful thing.

Shout for help

Not publicly of course. But give us a shout, we’ll always be here for no quibble advice and like your customers, we don’t follow normal business hours. Drop us an email social@vmc.im and we’ll be sure to advise.