When you create a Facebook Business Manager account and add a page to your account, by default, you will not see your Page’s notifications on your personal Facebook mobile app or notifications from your personal account anymore. For some, this separation between personal and work accounts is a relief. For others, it creates major panic.

When you add your page to your Business Manager profile on business.facebook.com, which is the Business Manager, Facebook automatically moves your access to the page away from Facebook.com to business.facebook.com. This is a default setting. Don’t stress, there’s a way to keep your page in Business Manager (to make Marketing Agencies like us happy!) and also revert back to receiving notifications for your page on your Facebook app or Facebook.com.

Here’s how to keep your Page in Business Manager and still get your notifications

To get your Facebook page notifications back on your personal account and your personal Facebook app, you’ll need to head over to Facebook’s Business Manager and log in. Ready?

Once logged in, click the 3 lines icon on the top left, then click on “Business Settings”. If you don’t see Business Settings right away, make sure you click the “Expand Menu” arrow icon on the top right of the menu so that you can see the entire list.


If you still can’t find the Business Settings option, you may be toggled onto your personal account vs the Business’ account in Business Manager. I know, it’s confusing. Double-check to make sure your company name or logo is on the top bar by the notifications icon (bell). If not, click on the name that’s there to toggle to the business account.

Business Settings is the main hub of the Business Manager. It’s where you can find all of your assets, manage access permissions settings, and also change your notifications settings.

You Need to Change Your Notifications Settings in Business Manager

While you’re in the Business Settings section, scroll all the way down to the “Business Info” section. See below for a reference of what you’re looking for.

There are two things here you’ll need to adjust:

  1. Under Business Info -> Pages and Notifications, toggle the “off” slider to the right of the “Pages and Notifications” area to “on”.
  2. Scroll a tad further down to where it says, “My Info”, then click the “Edit” button. The last thing to do is to toggle the “off” slider to the right of the “Pages and Notifications” area to “on”.

Yes!!! With these settings on, you’ll be able to access your page’s notifications and write posts just like you did before you had Business Manager. Your marketing consultant will be able to access the page in Business Manager as he/she/they requested, and you can continue on as you were on the app and facebook.com. Win-win!