It’s rare that you see a combination of big data and nerdy numbers mixed with personality but we think we’ve found a great example…

Alex’s Birthday is on 25th March (presents welcome hint hint) and he receives emails throughout March with personalised offers and invitations/deals that have all been personally ‘written’ or so the end user may think.

Customers in 2017 are looking for ways to feel wanted by brands, and by taking a simple Date of Birth from a customer, you can really personalise your service to them. Offer them 10% off on their birthday? Perhaps a free cookie when they purchase a coffee or drink?

So far we’ve received…

A Birthday Card from Jo Malone.

A free cookie from Subway.

Free meal from Harry Ramsden’s

Complimentary main course from The Alchemist

Buy One Get One Free Hard Rock Cafe meals

Birthdays Rock!

If you want to excel your business, surprise your customers, and just be awesome every day… (think about how many customers you have, you’d be surprising people every day!) all that the cost of an automated email/process! get in touch today!