Wearable Technology

The wearable is taking the world by storm. Pebble, Samsung, Apple; they’ve all stepped into this fast-growing emerging market. That is all well and good I know, but what does this physical product have to do with marketing and how does it present any additional opportunities for marketing/product placement?… Well.

Wearables come in all shapes and sizes. Firstly, you need to understand that the term ‘wearable’ refers to several products. Smartwatches, virtual reality, fitbit’s, your belt, shoes, literally anything that connects, tracks, displays or reads.

People are becoming more and more reliant on their ‘smart’ clothing and accessories over pulling their phones out of their pockets. People are spending more and more time looking at their wrists to check their texts, twitter or the news.

This presents a clear opportunity. Wearable technology as a marketing platform. So, I present to you some tips and tricks for if you are wanting to use the wearable as a place to expose your product/service/idea/brand!

Tips & Tricks!

Make your content ‘glance-able’

As you know, the wearable is small. You don’t get an awful lot of screen real estate to post paragraphs of information or images. You have to be straight to the point and minimalistic in order to get the proper effect of the wearable. Embrace the small screen, it still has power.

Embrace the platforms

The wearables market is dominated by a few major platforms. Android Wear, WatchOS, Samsung. Ensure your content is not only created with these in mind, but is optimised for these devices. Content that looks amazing on your Moto360 may not look so stunning on my Apple Watch.

Target Audience…

The wearable market has a fast expanding typical audience. Gone are the days where the typical wearable owner is a 21 year old IT Technician. Now children, mums, dads, professionals, sports enthusiasts and even the family pet use a wearable in some shape or form. Target your marketing to these audiences, and drop the assumptions of who wears wearable tech!

These are just a few of the main tips for when it comes to the idea of using these funny devices attached to yourself for the purpose of marketing and placement of products. It is safe to say the wearable is not just a fancy tech toy, it is also a really powerful marketing tool… if used correctly. If you do choose to use the wearable for marketing, let us know how it goes! On Facebook or via Email!