Social Media has taken over our lives, and of course eventually it had to take over the core marketing strategy of any business operating within the 21st century. Although it can be used effectively, it seems that more and more companies are paying or bribing their members of staff to like or share their content.

We’ve all heard the “hey guys, please share our latest Facebook post,” and we’ve also heard the corresponding groans afterwards. Nobody really wants to remind their real-world friends that Saturday’s breakfast special will be half price. Instead, incorporate some company culture into your social media strategy. Does coffee constitute part of your business? Hold a latte-art battle, with each employee branding their milky masterpieces with the company hashtag. Someone got a flat tire? People love laughing at others’ misfortune – put that up.

Likewise, if your company is a great place to work, you don’t need to directly beg your staff to tweet about it, they’ll naturally tweet/post about the fun stuff they did at work anyway without the need for a direct URL and click back into google analytics.

STOP Social Dictatorships

Content is king.

If it’s good. it’ll be shared. (organically)