Dogs are usually pretty great at brightening up one’s day, but this photo series will have you barking for more.

Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studio, based in Perth, Australia, is the photographer behind this series titled “Happy Pooch Face.” Cearns has been shooting animals for 10 years, travelling around the world to photograph pets, alongside pro-bono shoots for animal charities, shelters and sanctuaries.

“Dogs are always happy and it just a matter of waiting until they relax in the studio, and then they smile,” Cearns told Mashable Australia via email about her photography processes. “They not only smile with their mouths, but with their eyes too … Even dogs who are serious in nature usually show me a smile at some stage.”

The inspiration behind the series came from Cearns’ two rescue dogs Pip and Pixel, and laughing at their antics. “To me, dogs are love and light. They are always joyous and give so much back to us. They are our best friends and our loyal companions, always pleased to see us and happy for each day they get to spend with us. They are pure of heart and just want to please.”

“Happy Pooch Face” is compiled from photos taken for her clients, who bring in dogs for portrait sessions. You can follow Cearns’ work here.